Bon Voyage

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I’ll Come Back Soon

Dear Diary,

I hope you don’t feel neglected,
When I seldom come to visit you;
Keep in mind you’re not rejected,
I’m just so busy, you don’t have a clue.

I’m leaving now please don’t be sad,
Don’t worry lad, I’ll come back soon;
Our memories now will make you glad,
Take care and be safe in your cocoon.

Jessica (20170324)

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My First Day of School

Dear Diary,

Today is my first day of school;
Oh my I think this is going to be cool!
But what awaits me I don’t know,
So I will just follow the flow.

The adventure sure is tough,
And the future days may be rough;
But with God all will be well,
In the house of the LORD I will dwell.

Yours Truly,
제시카 (20170103)

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The First Writing Challenge

I’m putting just a few of my favourite writing quotations here for my inspiration every day. My imagination is very dry nowadays but if I waited for inspirations or my writing mood to come, I would never write anything. Come on self. I know you’re not that smart or witty but that is the reason why you need to learn! Study your surroundings and practice what you’ve learned to be much better in the field that you are trying to master. And as usual, fighting!

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